What is the secret behind entrepreneurial success? Guerilla Startup is a practically applicable method for copying the way (successful) entrepreneurs operates. Guerilla Startup is a strategy based on effectuation, supported by studies of successful entrepreneurs. The goal is to improve the decision-making for you as an entrepreneur or as a company, by providing supporting tactics and tools.  

Guerilla Startup works with your mindset and is not a quick fix or a so-called shortcut to success. It might not be the easy way, but it is the right way. If you apply the Guerilla Startup strategy or elements of it, you can expect to:

  • Improve your, or your employees, ability to find and assess opportunities.
  • Increase the resourcefulness of yourself or your employees.
  • Become more customer-focused as an entrepreneur, and in developing your business.
  • Learn how to increase customer value through daily incremental innovation.
  • Being focused on creating a business, that will thrive in a world with ever increasing uncertainty and challenges.

Bottomline companies are people, and by improving the decisionmaking of those people, you build highly adaptable business, that thrives in the markets of the future and the present.


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