Here you find a list of resources for you to get free stock photos for your business, website or pitch. Living in a digital age where everybody fights for attention having visual effects are essential for almost everybody. Not all of us are professional photographs or photoshop wizards and for those of us that are not, there is a lot of free opportunities to get a hold of free stock photos.

Stock photos and licences

Before we dig into the list, please be aware always to check out the license of any image you use. Though I can not guarantee that all images found on the websites listed are free to all forms of use, most of them should be. What you should be looking at, is whether the images is free of copyrights or distributed under creative commons public domain dedication. Now on to the list (For any suggestions feel free to comment below):

List of sites with free stock photos

StockSnap is an easy to use website, with a lot of beautiful stock photos. When visiting the site, you are introduced to a user-friendly landing page with a convenient search option.


At 10 new photos are added every 10th day. All photos are free to use for everybody, and the search bar is placed at the top of the site. The photos are submitted by a lot of different people which results in a diverse collection.

Gratisography is a collection of photos by Ryan McGuire that are free to use in whatever way you like. Though the collection is not as diverse, it is unique and filled with interesting photos that attract attention. Use the site to be inspired, not for its searchability.

negativespace provides beautiful photos in a more moderate quantity. You have the option to search their collection or browse through the content, by using 14 categories or color.

Mmtstock is photos taken by Jeffrey Betts and put up for anybody to use privately or commercially. There seems to be a lot of flower photos among the collection that also covers lots of pictures of buildings. If you are looking for photos of people you should check one of the other sites.