Touchpoint map, or customer journey, is the path which leads your customer to your company and your company to a sale. It is essential to understand touchpoints to get a better understanding on how customers are driven to buy something from you. The touchpoint map helps you execute your strategies by helping you to find out how to attract customers and what you should be focusing on (read more about touchpoints here)

Down below you find a simple template for mapping your company’s touchpoint map (you can also download a pdf here):

Touchpoint Map

Guide on how to use the touchpoint map:

  1. Fill out the template for your company and be thorough and not let anything out.
  2. Afterwards, go through all the different touchpoints and describe how you add value to potential customers through touchpoints.
  3. Evaluate each touchpoint based on specific you target your segment through each touchpoint. Eg. a lot of visitors on a website are only preferable if they are in a segment that could be potential customers.
  4. Map out the most vital touchpoint based on your evaluation.
  5. Make notes on how to improve the value you are creating through the top touchpoints and what you can do in both the short and the long run.
  6. If possible, quantify the different touchpoints and find a way to measure how they perform today, and how they are performing after you have added some changes. The primary measurements should be how many potential customers engage with the touchpoints, how many ends up engaging with other touchpoints as well and how many ends up buying.

If you got the time, feel free to search for inspiration on how to add new touchpoints and add them. Just remember to have in mind that they need to create more value for customers and drive them towards buying from you.